Fall, 2005- “This timely concept of supper swapping is perfect for today’s busy families. The recipes and tips make cooking simple while providing delicious family friendly meals.”

-Anne Egan, Cookbook Author, Editor and
former Executive Editor Rodale Cookbooks.



"Supper Swapping is Superb! Whether you are a busy mom on the run, a workaholic singleton, or someone in between, Supper Swapping can help you take control of your kitchen and bring back the time honored ritual of the sit-down dinner. Author Susan Thacker provides readers with a clear, simple, straight-forward game plan to answer the anguished cries from kitchens everywhere, ‘Who has time to cook?#$!@?’ But Supper Swapping does not stop there. Supper Swapping is chock full of delicious, nutritious, easy recipes from top chefs and restaurants around the nation. Interspersed throughout the book are amusing culinary stories and anecdotes that will literally make the reader laugh out loud. The end result is a cookbook like no other -- funny, inspiring, and most importantly -- easy to follow and implement! Supper Swapping is a must read for anyone interested in food, family, and fun."

-Manisha Thakor, Portfolio Manager & Harvard MBA



“Bad cook, good cook, any cook . . . will love this book! Supper swapping may be a new idea to a lot of cooks out there, but imagine spending your day running around doing hundreds of things, and returning to home to find a meal already prepared for you and your family.  And it’s free.  It can’t get any better or easier than that.  That’s what you’ll find in Supper Swapping—a way to have home-cooked meals and only cook once a week!”

-Diane Kaminsky, Houston Journalist and Movie Critic



“Breaking of bread has been a ritual for bonding that extends across cultures and back beyond antiquity. Humans need rituals. Rituals bond us together. Through bonding we build resilient communities and neighborhoods we are happy to share. Ms. Susan Thacker has created a way for people to recognize the importance of bonding to increase each family’s personal freedom and to bring a sense of community into a neighborhood.

The Judds sing, ‘Papa, tell me ‘bout the good old days.’ Their point is that a sense of sharing assets and skills with one another to everyone’s benefit made the old days – good. People who take Ms. Thacker’s plan of community building through meal swapping will inevitably find themselves recovering something of the spirit of the ‘good old days’.”

-Paul A. Wagner, Ph.D., Director, Project in Professional Ethics

 University of Houston – Clear Lake